COVID-19 Vaccination

We are able to administer the Covid-19 vaccination at Owenabue Medical Centre.

As a team we will work tirelessly to ensure that our patients are vaccinated as soon as possible.

We are vaccinating our patients in accordance with the HSE protocol. This involves vaccinating patients with greatest risk of severe Covid-19 disease initially. The plan is to be able to administer the vaccination to all patients over time.

In order to obtain vaccination at this time, please ensure that you:

  • Have received an invitation from the practice to book your Covid-19 vaccination appointment.
  • Read the information regarding consenting to your vaccination here.
    • Please note, you do not have to print and complete this form.
  • Book an appointment via Calendly here.
    • You will need your Name, Date of Birth, PPSN, Address and Eircode, and your Mother's maiden name when booking your appointment via Calendly.
  • Read the information regarding your vaccination here.